Foodie Nation Rough Cut

24 Apr

Yesterday I had to show a rough cut of my film. Jin, why is the rough cut so extremely different from the dailies, and will it be extremely different from the final cut? To give you an idea of how many locations and subjects I filmed, here is my shooting schedule:

03/30/09: Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine. Food blogger = 1.
03/31/09: Serbian Tasting at Metro Diner. Foodies = 25 or so but interviewed about 10 (short questions).
04/5/09: LA Curry Festival. Foodie = 1.
04/06/09: La Casita Mexicana traditional menu tasting. Foodies = 20 something + chefs. (focused on the chefs).
04/08/09: Wonton Forest for lunch. Foodie = 1. Silverlake wine + Taco Run to Fletcher & Larga, and Rambos. Foodies = 2.
04/09/09: Dinner at Foodie home. Foodies = 2.
04/11/09: Nates BBQ for lunch. Foodies = 20 something. Dinner at Chicken Day, Soo Won BBQ, Hwa Sun Ji for dessert and tea. Foodies = 2.
04/13/09: Chicken Day pickup. Lady said I could film all the chicken fat they take out so I went to film it.
04/14/09: Dino’s Chicken and the Mich Paleteria in Duarte (Monrovia, Azusa), Filipino dinner @ Foodie’s home. Foodie = 1.
04/18/09: Special private Mexican dinner at the home of a self-taught chef. Foodie extravaganza. focused on two foodies, interviewed table of 12 short questions.
04/19/09: Tentative interview with a young food blogger at three different places. Two foodies later joined.

So how is it possible that I could condense all this to 5 minutes, right? I bought a 1 TB hard drive to store my media files. I also spoke to Brenda Goodman (producing professor) about the possibility of making it into a longer piece in the summer for which she will help me do the paperwork to get the rights of the project into my hands. My directing professor Albrezzi has encouraged me to explore it in a longer form so I’m definitely going to do this in the summer.

Speaking of summer, my summer plans are all over the place. I have a 5 year reunion at school for which I will have to fly over to Massachusetts for, and while I’m there I will definitely have to make my way over to NYC. Perhaps I can tour around the east coast for a while before coming back to start my internship and also take an improv acting class.  I really wish I can do something that brings in a bit more income, like being an SA or something but at the same time, I want to take it easy this summer and most importantly, just land one awesome summer internship and make side projects.


One Response to “Foodie Nation Rough Cut”

  1. SinoSoul May 12, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    Just… WOW.

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